「轻奢小团」云南茶马古道5天4晚 - 奔子栏丽世酒店双语精品小团

¥ 9,880 起 /单人价格
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  • 4 nights stay in Superior Room 四晚奔子栏丽世酒店尊尚客房住宿
  • All meals and soft drinks during the journey 行程中每日三餐及软饮
  • Return airport transfer from / to Shangri-La Airport 香格里拉迪庆机场往返接送机
  • Transportation during the journey 行程中全程用车
  • Entrance tickets to scenic spots 所列景点门票费用
  • Experiences and workshops during the journey 所有手工体验课程以及分享课程
  • Guide by Nathan and hotel “Discovery Host” 酒店专属在地体验师全程陪同
  • Commercial insurances 行程中额外高额旅游商业保险


  • Not including domestic return air tickets to Shangri-La Diqing Airport 不包含出发地到迪庆香格里拉机场往返机票

Our special local guide 特别的“洋向导”用双语为您展示不一样的藏区风采

Nathan Richmond, is an American who has been around Shangri-la with his family in Yunnan since 2011.
He was living in Shangri-la ancient town for 9 years. Unlike many tour companies, he specialize only in the greater Shangri-la area.
He follow his love for the people of the land and when he is not out on trips with guests from all corners of the world, he is in the small corners of Shangri-la pursuing the passion of Shangri-la’s Tibetan oral languages, culture, and most importantly spending time with the people that have called Shangri-la their home for generations.
文磊峰(Nathan Richmond)是一个美国人,已经和家人在香格里拉生活了九年,其中大部分时间都在忙着将香格里拉能展示的旅游探险分享给外国友人和游客。香格里拉的自然环境让人真正领略到了中国藏区的风采。一旦驶离市区,就能感受到一种想要去探索高山野林的自然魅力的冲动,我们全家就是被这自然魅力吸引而来的,并且乐此不疲地向外界推介这一方中国的神奇宝地。

LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan 奔子栏丽世酒店

From the Tibetan word ‘Benzilan’ meaning ‘golden sandbar’, the valley offers mild climatic conditions throughout the year, making it the perfect base to explore the surrounding glaciers or venture off the beaten tracks on hidden mountain trails.


​Unique selling point 行程特色:

1. Liaison between Nathan and LUX* Tea Horse road Benzilan to present signature annually bilingual journey for “Greater Shangri-La”region.

2. We believe in meaningful travel. That’s travel takes you to local people, culture and places.

3. 5D4N all-inclusive seamless journey, from airport pick up to send off, guiding by Nathan and LUX* “Discovery host”

4. Family Oriented program, Max. 8 families. Perfect for International school holidays.

5. Photography services throughout 3 full day journey.


  • [Hike & Dine in a Tibetan family 森林秘境徒步以及藏民家午餐]  

    Follow the trail through picture-perfect mountains, pinetree-studded hills, creeks, and wildflower meadows. You will reach a village where a gorgeous meal prepared by villagers of Niding is served. You will be treated as a longtime friend as you share a communal meal with those who bring alive the stories of Tea Horse Road.


  • [Learn Nixi pottery with a local artisan 跟随非遗大师学做尼西黑陶]  

    A story known only by a few, ancient caravans used to cross Benzilan on their way to Lhasa to collect a precious local handcraft, the Nixi black pottery. If hiking your way around is not for you, your guide can usher you to an authentic laboratory to get your hands in the clay and learn from the masters how to shape these unique pieces of Tibetan art.


  • [Chant to the Kawakarpo 颂赞卡瓦格博]  

    A few kilometers away from Benzilan rests the lamasery of Dongzhulin, a spiritual place of rare tranquility. In time, cheerful monks have received traders, muleteers and travelers of all sorts and today they welcome you to chant with them to the major peak of the Meili Snow Mountain, the sacred Kawakarpo.


  • [Tea time at the Lamastery 松赞林寺及高僧酥油茶接待]  

    The grandiose Songzanlin monastery rises from a hillside. Nicknamed Little Potala Palace, it is Yunnan’s largest Tibetan monastery perched at 3,000m. Follow your Discovery Host down the many labyrinthine alleyways, past monks in crimson robes, to a quiet room at the far end of an exquisitely hand-painted hallway. Our friend, the Lama, will welcome you in his living quarters and happily answer any question you may have over a hot cup of yak butter tea. It certainly makes for an encounter you won’t forget!


  • [A stroll through Shangri-La Ancient Town 漫步独克宗古城]  

    As you wander its cobblestone streets, you’ll be captivated by the Tibetan architectural style and intricately carved wooden doors (You’ll want to keep your phone camera-ready). End your walk in a local Tibetan restaurant on a hushed side street, which serves up homestyle Tibetan dishes made for sharing.


  • [Dine as locals do 品味在地特色美食]  

    Yunnan cuisine blends Han Chinese recipes with Yunnan flavours. Be sure to sample local specialities such as Dark Pu’er tea with its healing health benefits, and organic cheeses such as Rubing and goat’s Rushan. Don’t return home without trying local Tibetan yak hot pot.